Sep 24, 2015

Using Node and npm on Windows

Node has become very popular even on Windows. There are a number of ways to set it up, from the regular installer to Chocolatey. Personally, I like to use nvm-windows which is quick and easy to use.


nvm install 0.12.7
nvm use 0.12.7

Once installed, the first thing to do is to upgrade npm to 3.x as the 2.x line creates all those nested folder that often blow up the Windows path length limit:

npm i -g npm@3

After upgrading npm, I always get tons of download errors when I try to install packages, it happens on all of my Windows machines... If you do too, here's what to do:

npm config set registry

I've noticed some npm modules I used with Gulp failed to install some dependencies due to a missing Python. An easy fix is to get it from Chocolatey:

choco install python2 -y

Others need a C/C++ compiler, for that I recommend installing the one that comes with Visual Studio 2015.

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